I live in Vietnam and as a hobby I have been teaching people English there,I always enjoyed the teaching but I had never had any kind of training for doing it and I was always unsure if I was doing it the best possible way.Besides the fact that I can now teach  online, Roger’s special curriculum aimed at beginner teachers has shown me exactly how to teach many things and has given me some great teaching materials and ideas,

Brendan Hewit


If you need to get started quickly and you want top quality services then “be an online teacher”is the place to go to.There is a ton of advice on the internet about how to set up your own online English teaching business but only “BOT” provides the necessary concrete things,

Simon Steer



“Be an online teacher” has made it possible for me to have my own business and to work from my home,at first I was a bit apprehensive about embarking on something like this but I like teaching and I thought why not give it a try.Roger helped me every step of the way and it was a real pleasure,

Johanna Markey



When I first started looking into becoming an online English teacher I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and things that needed to be done and learned,thank god there’s an easier way,a big thank you to be an online teacher.

Robert Leach



Beanonlineteacher has made what would normally be a long and difficult process so much easier and quicker.

Hazel Radisson



I have been teaching English for a few years now and had already previously been thinking about starting my own online English teaching business,what mainly held me back from starting were the making of the website and the marketing part,I knew very little about either of these things and found them to be very intimidating,especially something like coding for a website.What convinced me about joining “be an online teacher”,was their total package which covers just about everything you need and the unlimited period of service that comes with it.Thank you be an online teacher for pulling me across the finishing line.

Johnathan Harris


I first tried setting up an online teaching business by myself but I had underestimated how much time it required to put it all together,thanks to “be an online teacher” the process has become so much easier and quicker,besides my job I can now also work part time teaching English online.

Sarah Wilkins



Be an online teacher provides the things that people have the most trouble with. I received Roger’s package 1 month ago and after that everything was ready so soon,actually everything was ready before I was ready for it myself.Roger was also very helpful with his advice and answers to my questions.Overal it has been a really good experience.

Janet Urqhart


Last week I started teaching my first students online and this was only 2 weeks after having signed up with “be an online teacher”.When I first looked into having my own online teaching business it all seemed so complicated but now here I am already teaching.Thank you so much.

Lucy Davis



Like Roger wrote “setting up your own online English teaching business is not rocket science”. It just takes a long time and that’s one thing Roger has changed,it took less than a week before everything was ready to go for me,amazing !

Sam Watson


Thank you be an online teacher for making such a nice website for me,this has given me the confidence that I will succeed with this business,

Jang Kim



Roger provides invaluable information on all aspects of the English online teaching business in an easy to understand way.For me the website and the marketing information section have been especially helpful,you can see Roger is a good  teacher.

Jennifer Christy



Finally somebody has something real to offer and not just only advice,I started with be an online teacher about 6 months ago and I now have a full schedule of lessons,

Jasper Simmons



I already had a little experience teaching ESL and was considering doing a teacher training course when I came across “be an online teacher”which offered exactly what I needed and for a very good price,they even have a curriculum for beginner teachers which has improved my teaching by heaps,

Emma O’Connor