Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have with making websites?

www.digitalmetrix.net has been making websites for over 20 years.


What do I need before signing up?

To effectively teach online you will need your own Skype and Paypal accounts, your students will also need these.

Skype is a free messaging and communication program which allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet, it can be downloaded from www.skype.com

This link will show you how to install and setup Skype.

Paypal is an online payments platform allowing you to send and receive payments from your students, you can set it up here: www.paypal.com

We also reccomend you use Google Calendars to manage your lessons and show availability online, this can be setup via a Google account here: https://calendar.google.com/

Finally you will need a webcam and a stable internet connection to facilitate the video lessons via Skype (as will your students).

Do I need to have followed a teacher training course in order to be able to teach English online?
No you don’t, if you can speak English fluently,enjoy teaching and are willing to improve then you can teach English.Our special curriculum for beginner teachers has step by step instructions on how to teach each lesson,basically teachers will be learning how to teach on the job.

Do I need to be a native speaker to teach English?
No you don’t, some schools or institutions require this from their teachers but if you are working independently, like you will be when you are an online teacher, then you will be judged on your teaching abilities.

How do I find students once I have the package setup?
Your website will be optimised by us for searches in your target area. In addition to this we will provide you with all the information on how to promote your website and yourself by using social media and traditional ways of marketing.In our managed package we provide social media marketing for you.

What is the difference between “lesson plans for teaching” in the standard package and “lesson plans for teaching with full lesson by lesson supervision” in the managed package?
For the lesson plans in the standard package we provide the lesson plans only and there are no instructions on how to teach these lesson materials. For the supervised lesson by lesson program, we provide full instructions and guidance for all the lesson materials. This is suitable for beginner teachers or for those who wish to brush up on their teaching skills.

What if I want to teach for example business English?
Our English course lays the foundation for a well rounded knowledge of the English language, from here onwards other forms of English such as business English can be taught.

I am not good with computers at all, can I still teach online or is it very complicated?
It is not complicated, you just need to follow a series of steps. Our package includes information on how to use your computer to carry out different tasks, it is easy once you know how to do it.

What if I don’t understand something?
You can contact us about anything, there might be a time difference between the country you are in and our country, we will get back to you within 12 hours. We can communicate via Skype or email.

What is WordPress?
Wordpress is an open source online content management system for websites. It is felxible, easy to use and powers 27% of the entire internet. We will be using this software to create your website.

What is a domain name and hosting?
A domain name is the name of your website, the dot com. You can call it whatever you like but we recommend something that refers to what you are offering and where such as englishonlinevietnam.com. Domain names need to be registered and renewed annually. Hosting refers to renting space on a server where the website will be stored and accessed from, it will include a number of email addresses and technical support. Hosting is included in the initial package but will need to be renewed annually.

For making a website I have no idea where to start
Have a look at our example website, www.englishteacherroger.com. You can follow this example and adjust it to suit your needs, it contains all the necessary information for becoming an online English teacher.

I am a beginner teacher, how does a student sign up, where do we go from there?
To see the whole procedure it is best to view our example website www.englishteacherroger.com there you can clearly see how it all works.

How old are the students that you can teach with your English course?
Ideally it is for people from the age of 11 and upwards.

If a student cancels the lesson, what would be the cancellation policy?
For information regarding cancellations/lateness etc, please see the terms and conditions page on our example website.

How many people can I teach at a time?
We specialise in private 1 to 1 lessons (1 teacher teaching 1 student), because we think this is the most effective way of teaching, but you can definitely teach more people at a time.

I am a beginner teacher and I don’t know much about grammar in the English language,can I still teach your course?
Yes you can, we explain the necessary grammar in an easy to understand way which both you and the student can understand easily.
There are no long lessons on grammar,so now and then between stories and exercises new grammar is introduced.

How do I check the English level my student is at?
As you can see on our example website www.englishteacherroger.com you can offer a free demo lesson to potential students. During this demo lesson you can talk to the student and do a special fun exercise which we have created to check the student’s English level. This way the student enjoys him/herself and will be more likely to sign up with you.

What is a false beginner?
You will find that most of your students are false beginners, they can speak some English but there are big gaps in their knowledge and ability.

How do I teach a false beginner?
Use the special exercise that we have provided you with and talk to the student in the demo lesson in order to get a rough idea of the student’s abilities.

Decide what level the student is at, then if the student is a false beginner, start teaching the student with lesson materials from towards the beginning of the course, you can then cover things that your student already knows quickly whilst doing the rest of the material that needs attention.

Can anyone be taught with your lesson materials?
It is very important to be flexible, if for example you are teaching a very young student then you might have to leave out certain exercises or simplify existing ones, for example a story can be written out in a simpler way. The course should however suit most people, we have taught many people with it for over 20 years.

It is very important to get the level right, if something is too easy, ie the student already knows it, or it is too difficult then the student is quickly turned off, therefore you must be flexible.

I don’t speak the student’s language, can I still teach him/her?
Yes you can, there are many ways of teaching things and the different ways are explained in our package, one of the simplest ways for example is by using the  google translate service.

How do I make sure that my student receives all the information we covered in an online lesson?
You can record each lesson, this is the great advantage of an online lesson, your student can go over everything that has been done.