Our English course

Our English course

Our lesson materials are aimed at taking students from a beginner level to an advanced intermediate level. A broad range of subjects and situations are covered in a way that is often interesting and fun. Our curriculums are full of imagery,interesting games,short stories,crossword puzzles and quizzes.

Here is an example of a supervised lesson:

Lesson 4: asking and saying where people are from; nationalities, he and she.

Please note: to explain and translate things Google Translate is a great tool to use.

Lesson materials:
Unit 1 D – student book
– practise book
– map of the world

a) Game: Start the lesson by reminding the student about what they studied previously, you can do this in a game form, with a game you start the lesson on a happy note.

For example you read out to the student sentences with material that has already been covered, and after each sentence ask how many words there are in that sentence.

How many words ?

– what is her name? (4 words)
– excuse me are you Fred Andrews?
– his first name is Peter
– her name is Mary Johnson
– how are you?
– how do you do?
– fine, thanks and you?

b) Unit 1 D – student book
Exercise 1
write on whiteboard and explain (you can use the world map and also show pictures):
Australia, Egypt, India, Japan, Scotland, Italy, the United States, Russia
where is she from? she is from India
– do Exercise 1

c) Exercise 2
– write on whiteboard and explain (you can show pictures of your country):
where are you from? I am from England. Do exercise 2

Student’s book 1D

d) Exercise 3
write on whiteboard and explain:
country / nationality

Write down a few examples
country / nationality

Germany – German
Japan – Japanese
England – English

Explain: from + country

I am from China
you are from Thailand
he is from England
she is from Germany
it is from Japan
we are from India
they are from Italy
Practise book 1D


I am Chinese
you are Thai
he is English
she is German
it is Japanese
we are Indian
they are Italian

Speak + nationality

I speak English

Nationality + noun

A German car
A Japanese car
An Italian pizza

e) Do the exercises 3, 4 and 6

f) Unit 1D – practise book
– Do exercises 1, 2, 3 and 6

g) If there is time finish lesson with game of hangman.

Below are sample learning sheets and excercises.